Using the best materials, you would expect a hefty price tag. Not in this case!

Our business model is based on high quality, low margins and high volume sales. This model is used throughout several companies in the portfolio associated with Boutique Whitening and has proved successful because it truly allows all parties in the relationship to benefit. We make sales, the customer gets a great product at a great price and savings can be passed on to the end user, your patients.

Our philosophy is to offer you our best price up front – first time, every time. We do not inflate the price to offer discounts for bulk ordering, the price you see on the package is the same whether you order 1 kit or 100 kits.

Due to EU regulations Boutique Whitening can only sell to a registered dental practitioner. We ensure that all our orders are checked against the General Dental Council register.

If you would like further information about our whitening system or would like to place an order please fill fill in this form.

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