Custom Trays

When using a quality whitening gel, it would be wasted whithout a premium quality custom whitening tray. We manufacture our own trays to ensure we are providing the best fit possible.

Our tray material is rigid enough that it will hold the gel in place, but flexible enough that it offers comfort for the patient. All of our margins are carved on the model, which is clearly visible in the tray. This keeps a tight seal between the tooth and the gingiva, therefore reducing irritation to the soft tissues.

The research shows that using a reservoir has little effect on the level of whitening achieved. However, with our viscous whitening gel, we offer ‘the best of both’. We incorporate a small reservoir, which allows space for the gel, but also a custom fit to the rest of the tooth surface.

Key features:

  • Carved Margins and tight seal trays
  • Rigid but flexible tray material
  • Scalloped edges for patient comfort
  • Small reservoir, but allowing a custom fit tray

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